Val Paghera; a valley immersed in the greenest of green, just opposite the town. Dominated by the presence of numerous spruces, in the local dialect called “pagher”, which gave the valley its name, Val Pagher stretches out for 10 km. Beyond the bottom of the valley, protected by the sizeable regional “Parco dell’Adamello”, we find an area lucky enough to possess a concentration of many of the park’s extraordinary landscapes and naturalistic attractions at medium-high quota, all in a fairly limited area which is also easy to reach: Conca dell’Aviolo.Here, at 1930m, leaving behind it the impressive northern slope of the Baitone Mountains, with its pensile glaciers, the suggestive Aviolo Lake lies undisturbed, with its limpid and normally icy waters, surrounded by larches, dwarf mountain pines and rare cembran pines. Climbing back up the buttress of the valley, you can also reach the Gallinera pass and then, for lovers of wild landscapes, climb up to Passo delle Gole Larghe (Wide Gorge Pass) with its magnificent view over Val d’Avio and over the Adamello.Near the lake we find the welcoming refuge “Sandro Occhi” of Aviolo which is open from med June to mid September and in other periods if booked. It has 60 beds and is certainly a reference point for numerous excursions. At about 15 minutes from the refuge, on the orographical right of the valley, the park has realised a watching point for fauna, available to researchers and school groups.The numerous sign-posted paths also contribute in making this one of the most interesting areas for excursionists lovers of alpine nature.