The beauty and authenticity of a land are also revealed through its ancient gastronomic customs; traditional dishes that use the same ingredients and methods as in the past. In Vezza d’Oglio the cuisine reflects the toil, colours and perfumes of the land.
To tickle your appetite, a dish of cold meats where salami, both cooked and matured, reigns supreme. Typical first courses include “casonsèi”, pasta squares filled with meat, potatoes and vegetables and coated in butter and cheese, or “gnòc de cügià” made of flour, bread, eggs and spinach. Tagliatelle al salmì; a sauce made of venison or roe deer, followed by a delicious second course of game and steaming polenta is the crème de la crème of mountain cuisine. You mustn’t miss a taste of our cheeses and the delicious butter and ricotta!
Mushroom, which can be collected from mid-July to the end of September, can be used as starters, first courses and side dishes and, naturally, they can also be dried. To finish ………“spongàde, “bosolà”, traditional cakes and exquisite forest fruits to recall the “sweetness” of the area.