Vezza d’Oglio is the only town of the 19 communes embraced by the area “Parco dell’Adamello’, to have an environmental education centre and an open air naturalistic museum, open all year round.
The centre “Casa del Parco dell’Adamello” is easy to find along the trunk road that passes through the town; a five-storey building, fitted out to cater for both individuals and groups.
A naturalistic museum has been realised within the structure and hosts exhibiting areas pertinent to the park’s fauna and flora. This environmental centre is a strategic starting point if you wish to become familiar with the territory and social-cultural situation in all of upper Valle Camonica.
You can discover the places, fauna and vegetation which make these locations special, both to discover and to preserve, in the company of the “Alternativa Ambiente” guides who run the centre.
The guides also organise excursions and environmental activities for school children over weekends or for longer stays – all for the sake of nature.