Val Grande opens up behind the town of Vezza and stretches out for over 20 kms until it reaches the impressive glacier “Pietra Rossa” (3212m). A stream bearing the same name flows down and, on sunny days, follows its course down the valley forming picturesque waterfalls scattering multi-coloured showers of water. This valley owes its name to its length, in fact has over 250 farmhouses, once used for summer Alpine grazing. These are of historical interest for their rural architecture, typical of Alpine pastures. Embraced by the Stelvio National Park, parts of it are covered by larch woods and dotted with small lakes and peat lands. From the naturalistic point of view, mainly over the past few years, it has become a privileged spot for deer to be seen scuttling up and down grassy ridges during the mating season, between September and October. Other animals, typical of the fauna in the high Alps are certainly not wanting and here are particularly protected. In this splendid valley, with its wealth of green pastures, vast bush lands and gurgling streams, we can find the refuge “Saverio Occhi” in the location named “Plas de l’Asen” (2047m) nestled in rhododendrons and the alders of the “Pietra Rossa” plain.