The Adamello Events Centre in the lower part of the town, at the mouth of Val Paghera, is a multi-functional centre with areas dedicated to various activities and associations and even has an auditorium, the pride and joy of the entire centre, which can seat 500 people and which hosts a wide variety of events all year round, ranging from plays to opera music, from concerts and choir singing to dancing, fashion shows and folk events.

The Adamello Events Centre also hosts the E.U.F.F. (European Union of Fly Fishers): an international fly fishing centre. This type of fishing consists in the use of bait – or rather imitations of bait called “flies”, which are perfect copies of the shapes and colours of real insects in all their stages of development. This type of fishing is, without doubt, particularly fascinating, both for its rhythmical gestures and the casting technique, but which also offers another peculiarity; the chance to use a cruelty-free method of fishing as the fish can subsequently be freed without harming them. The E.U.F.F. offers its guests: Bed and Breakfast accommodation, a fishing reserve next to the premises, a small lake, equipment hire, lessons in both casting and making artificial flies, fishing guides along all of the itineraries and a 4WD taxi service for the more difficult routes. The Lodge also offers a bar, a television room with satellite TV and a conference room which seats 150 people.